Oct 2, 2011


Yes. I have grown up. Or at least that is what I think I am. No? I have been a teacher for almost four years now. It's more like a 'four - torturing' year. Teaching is not easy. To deal with peoples in the teaching profession is not easy either. It's the survival of the fittest. Jungle rules. Tribes. Oh you have to choose your tribe properly. You can't be alone. Yo can't stand of being ALONE. You must have someone. Or at least someone that you can share your dirty plan with. Someone to be  your black sheep? No?

Darling husband has been kind enough for me all this while. He was listening wholeheartedly to my every ramblings and cursing and yelling and oh almost everything. And I know he will always do. He has fought for me too. He was the one who personally fight for me when I was abused a year ago. No, not physically abused. But more to emotionally abused. My rights has been denied. Oh I don't want to think about it anymore. It hurts. To this very day. It wasn't easy when someone you trust wrecked you like that. And you have to spare your every single day looking at her / his face remembering every single thing she / he had done to you. And you smile to him / her like nothing happen. It feels like shit.

It happened on October last year.

I can still remember the very first time I was left alone with no one with me. With nothing to do. I have no class to teach. No student to tend to. I have nothing. I was nothing. You think it was easy for me?I cried my heart out.

Luckily I have friends to make my day. And thanks to them. Now I can stand back on my feet. But to forget? It's a big NO.

Please bear with that sir / ma'am.

Firman Allah SWT maksudnya:

"Dan orang-orang yang menyakiti orang-orang mukmin dan mukminah tanpa kesalahan yang mereka perbuat, maka sesungguhnya mereka telah memikul kebohongan dan dosa yang nyata". (al Ahzab 58)

Dari Abu Hurairah ra, Nabi saw bersabda:

"Siapa yang merasa pernah berbuat aniaya kepada saudaranya, sama ada berupa kehormatan badan atau harta atau lain-lainnya, hendaknya segera meminta halal (maaf) dari orang itu, sebelum datang suatu hari yang tiada harta dan dinar atau dirham, jika dia punya amal saleh, maka akan diambil menurut penganiayaannya, dan jika tidak mempunyai hasanah (kebaikan), maka diambilkan dari kejahatan orang yang dianiaya itu untuk ditanggungkan kepadanya." (H.R. Bukhari-Muslim)


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