Oct 2, 2011

Being Vintage

I was actually influenced by one of my friends in FB. She loves vintage clothing so much. I saw her wearing one of her vintage outfits during Hari Raya and it was awesome! I was immediately captured by the beauty of the clothes pattern and it's colour. Pastel. Vintage clothing always go with pastel.

Picture courtesy of Sunny Sideup Closet

Imagine if I'm wearing the vintage dress with a proper 'kain kurung moden'. Would it be nice then? Oh I am so into vintage clothing! I sketched some design and asked my tailor whether or not she is able to do it. After some alteration and discussion, she's going to materialized my design. Hopefully everything will run smoothly. Can't wait to wear my own design, flaunting it to school! =.=! Designing is giving me an adrenalin rush! It was so much fun!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

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