Dec 13, 2011


0 belly dancing!
I miss the moment where I can talk about anything under the sun with my best friends. I miss the moment where we can hang out together and spend the rest of our day worrying about nothing. Like we used to do when we were teenager. Like we used to do every time school days end. Hey, we didn't bother much about the world right? We have the world of our own. All that matters to me is you, and all that matters to you is me. I miss that.

As we are growing up, we skipped some rituals in our friendship. Less meeting up, less texting until late up night. I guess we moved on with our live. We met with new peeps, building up new relationship and get too busy with work and so forth. We are no longer the coolest person in each other life. In these five years, how many times do we call each other?

Right. None.

I'm not ready yet to let go of my teenage memories with you.

Do you?