Dec 31, 2010

Sharing The Happiness With Peeps You Love!

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Well, it's more to 'husband got some extra $$$ left and the wife spent it 'wisely' over coveted stuffs'. Yeah, that's more like it. Though I wasn't buying it for myself, the satisfaction of 'buy and go-crazy' was never less. It's the rules of spending! (banyak la kau!) Oh I used to hate 'buy and blog' thingy. And now I'm constantly doing it (T__T) Yeah yeah call me pathetic. Serve me right!

Mummy's. Hope she like it!
Sister's. The eldest one.
It's a good bargain when you are shopping during YES!

Sometimes I do hate Carlo Rino. The stuffs didn't match the price! Luckily it wasn't my money to weep.

Dec 30, 2010

Fashion Victim

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Yeah. I'm one of those kinky misfit ladies who desperately try to fashioned. And have failed. Pity me pity me. I hold grudge towards skinny ladies who can wear whatever they want without even bothering extra lumps and bumps mingling on their body. Pathetic I must say, when you try a pair of jeans and it can't fit you! The feeling is like you have sinned! A big one!

Oh I have seen girls putting over-sized ribbon on their head. It looks so cool and pretty awesome too. And when I tried it on my head, I was looking like a crazy old spinster! Where is the justice! Life has been unfair to me!

I always adore girls who dress to impress and succeed. And they are many!

Unlike me, I'm the reverse version of fashionista. Fashion don't fits me. Fashion hates me. We didn't get along quite well.

To say I'm a fashion victim!

The First

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Hey darling buds, may you all blossom!

This is the place I talk rubbish freely and go crazy without anyone abusing my privilege. I wanna go crazy! I wanna go super duper quirk and spare no place for normality! I wanna go freeeeee!

Yeah. That's me!

Oh by the way, before I'm creating this blog, it was formerly my husband's blog and since he's no longer fond in writing and babbling and such, he handed down the platform to me (without me deleting the followers, is that okay with you guys?)

Be right back!