Dec 31, 2010

Sharing The Happiness With Peeps You Love!

Well, it's more to 'husband got some extra $$$ left and the wife spent it 'wisely' over coveted stuffs'. Yeah, that's more like it. Though I wasn't buying it for myself, the satisfaction of 'buy and go-crazy' was never less. It's the rules of spending! (banyak la kau!) Oh I used to hate 'buy and blog' thingy. And now I'm constantly doing it (T__T) Yeah yeah call me pathetic. Serve me right!

Mummy's. Hope she like it!
Sister's. The eldest one.
It's a good bargain when you are shopping during YES!

Sometimes I do hate Carlo Rino. The stuffs didn't match the price! Luckily it wasn't my money to weep.

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