Jan 1, 2011

No More Goofing Around!

Yeah, you read me! No more goofing around, no more fooling around. You are going to be 28 and you should act like one. (sigh) Why do age has always intertwine with the way we behave? Can we skip that? So we can always behave like a five year old without even noticing how old we actually are? Oh happy new year by the way. Same old same old. Always the same resolutions though this year there is an additional one. Loosing weight. Yeah, that's should be my priority for this year. Being fat make me an old grumpy lady. And kind of having an internal crisis and suffering from a serious low self - esteem. Plus the pimples. That somehow helps in contributing already-have misery in my life. Ohh yeah, life isn't always about joy and laughter. There are tears too. And cursing. And yelling.

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrr!

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