Nov 24, 2011

My Boyfriend Is Married To Someone Else

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A friend of mine is now having a wreck – time with her boyfriend. They are not just having a cat – fight. I mean, it’s big! It’s really big. Her boyfriend happened to be married with some other girl, and yes she had it coming. It’s all under her knowledge. She knew her boyfriend is going to marry someone else and she’s cool with it. Well, not entirely cool. There are times when she’s totally out of control. Cursing, yelling, and throwing things and all. But then, she will come back to him, sobbing apologetically. I would love to call it, LOVE. But instead, I call it RELIANCE.

How would you feel, as the date gets closer, seeing your loved ones preparing for his / her big day? How would you react, knowing that somehow she / he will passionately hug someone, or even kiss someone or do any other things with someone else? I’ll definitely go crazy, if you ask me. But then again, she wasn’t. She was playing cool all the time. She laughed, she cheered, and she even attended her friend’s wedding with a beaming and lighten up face, although in the other side of the world, her boyfriend was being congratulated ceremoniously

I honestly do not understand her, as a friend. I thought she will be leaving that guy for good. Instead, they are going to discuss about their wedding this coming weekend. The idea of polygamy has now arisen. I adore her for her acceptance (or stupidity I must say?) for her absolute forgiveness, for her tremendous effort to wipe out the hurt and heal the deep cut and still fall for the guy who have once betray her love and affection.

As a friend, I do support her. Although honestly I know, it’s only a waste of time. But she said it is worth of trying than doing nothing. After all, she said, love is a gamble.


Nov 19, 2011

I'm A Twitter Noob!

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I don't know how to use that bloody thing. I don't know how people tweet, or retweet or do whatever effing things they can do with Twitter. com. I just don't get it. I don't know how people get super excite about it. Tell me tell me!

I registered twitter back in 2009. But until this very day, I don't know how to use it.

Seriously! Twitter 101, please!

Good Friends.

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We are definitely going to need them in our lives. Not only to entertain us and be part of our social development, friends also the peoples that will shape you and support you and guide you and things.

I don't have many friends.

She has sworn by her mother's life that she will be fat with me. Never leave me alone.


Nov 4, 2011

I'm Sorry

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I’m sorry- for the ignorance
I’m sorry-for the coldhearted
I’m sorry-for the denial
I’m sorry-for the disappearance
I’m sorry-for the misbehaving
I’m sorry-for the missing piece
I’m sorry-for pseudo listening
I’m sorry-for the harsh words
I’m sorry-for the promises I could not fulfill
I’m sorry-for the wasted long journey
I’m sorry-for the shattered bottle of perfume
I’m sorry-for the lost parcel
I’m sorry-for the kinky acts
I’m sorry-for the deep old cuts
I’m sorry-for the hurt and wound
I’m so sorry-for everything that makes you upset but I’m still doing it purposely-
And above all-
I’m so sorry-for making you love me endlessly, for taking your heart-and I never give it back…

Nov 1, 2011


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I have a very intense repugnance when someone we don't know being ultimately judgmental towards us. Be it she / he trying to be like she / he care a lot or actually she / he are just being absolute pain in the arse. It's purely unacceptable in my life. I despise that.

Second. I does not adore surprises as much as anybody else does. Okay scratch that. Have this one : I does not adore bollocks surprises as much as any other stupid people does. I can be mean sometimes. Or should I say, I can be mean all the time. Particularly, towards you. 

People want us to react on certain things according to their wish. And if we don't, then they will start to accuse us with ridiculous names and again, being super judgmental.

I have my own super cool life. Alhamdulillah. A cool - handsome caring husband, a super adorable son. What can I ask for more? And you, as I said, were just a leftover on my plate.