Nov 1, 2011


I have a very intense repugnance when someone we don't know being ultimately judgmental towards us. Be it she / he trying to be like she / he care a lot or actually she / he are just being absolute pain in the arse. It's purely unacceptable in my life. I despise that.

Second. I does not adore surprises as much as anybody else does. Okay scratch that. Have this one : I does not adore bollocks surprises as much as any other stupid people does. I can be mean sometimes. Or should I say, I can be mean all the time. Particularly, towards you. 

People want us to react on certain things according to their wish. And if we don't, then they will start to accuse us with ridiculous names and again, being super judgmental.

I have my own super cool life. Alhamdulillah. A cool - handsome caring husband, a super adorable son. What can I ask for more? And you, as I said, were just a leftover on my plate.

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