Jan 14, 2011

Man, If You Have The Power Then Don't Misuse It. You Might Be Questioned.

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Yaeh, it's a freaking long title. But who care actually? As long as the message is conveyed then it's fine.

Bye Bye Black Bird

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I have this habit of saying this phrase if anyone is leaving for good. I don't know why. When my friend took off to Illinois last year, I said the same thing to her "Bye bye black bird" Same goes if someone is getting married and settling for good me also will say the same phrase. Some of my friends are puzzled as they didn't know the exact meaning of the phrase. Me also have no idea why I'm saying it smoothly without hesitation. It's spontaneous.I guess, black bird has something to do with me in my life before this. Well today, I have someone leaving me again for good. I'm gonna miss him. My very true friend, indeed. And he is away now. Without me having a chance to pat him goodbye. Bye bye black bird.

Jan 10, 2011

You Don't Have To Be Stupid To Look Pretty. Trust Me.

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As for me, I prefer simplicity. I have once try to put a lot of things on my body just to fashion. And I looked like a walking drag queen. Or perhaps like a peasant during the crusader's age. Totally oblivious! Yeah, it was failed on me. So that kind of thing is out from my list now.

I admire how some bloggers and real life people (not saying that blogger isn't very much alive. Ha-di-ha!) carry their looks. Some of them guiltily fashionable and some of them are totally a dustbin. May I suggest - that some of them really like stupid too. But still,they gained compliments from people whom adore them. Oh this may sound very hypocritical and suicidal, but sometimes, I don't know, whether they are complimenting with sincere or it is just another form of  deceiving art?

Just, don't be a hypocrite.

Ouhh I Don't Get It!

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Bad thing happens to good people. And vice versa. Yeah, like me. I've been mistreated for so many times. Yet, I still am able to smile like the world is just the greatest place to be. Last week was the most hectic week as school holidays had come to an end. Skip that. We don't wanna talk about my ability to juggle workloads. You don't wanna hear me curse. But towards the end of the week, I've been arrowed by quite a news. One of the greatest teacher in my school was transferred. And may I say, without any good reason. Hell I know this chap quite much because we used to have this lengthy conversation about works, life and so forth. But most of the times we were spending times bitching on drama kings and queens and bla bla bla. So yeah, we were bonding. Until, I was moved to noon session. But still there were times where he used to come on the evening and we were chatting just to kill some time. That guy, he was transferred

Rumor has it that he was trying to go against the stream. That he was twisting his own rope on his own death row. That he was unable to teach properly. That his skills was inadequate. Well, that's the biggest bullshit I've ever heard. I have seen how fond his students to him. How they adore him and enjoying every second he has been spending in the classroom. I just don't get it. Seriously, who are they kidding? Who are they toying? Rumor has it that he was just a pain in someone else's ass. Someone just couldn't bear his/her eyes to see his face shine and alive everyday. That he was just as much as like a broken compass. A helpful tool but no longer appropriate at service. That was what I heard. A news from the wind.

As for me, I would say it's a planned conspiracy.

Jan 1, 2011

No More Goofing Around!

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Yeah, you read me! No more goofing around, no more fooling around. You are going to be 28 and you should act like one. (sigh) Why do age has always intertwine with the way we behave? Can we skip that? So we can always behave like a five year old without even noticing how old we actually are? Oh happy new year by the way. Same old same old. Always the same resolutions though this year there is an additional one. Loosing weight. Yeah, that's should be my priority for this year. Being fat make me an old grumpy lady. And kind of having an internal crisis and suffering from a serious low self - esteem. Plus the pimples. That somehow helps in contributing already-have misery in my life. Ohh yeah, life isn't always about joy and laughter. There are tears too. And cursing. And yelling.

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrr!