Oct 2, 2011

My Dream Nest

Well. I do want to have my own house. I always dream of having a pink house which obviously a huge contradiction with darling husband. It doesn't have to be huge, as long as it can offer comfort to me, darling husband and most importantly to my kid(s) that should be okay.

Seeing friends investing on their own house make my heart stirs a little. With jealousy. I want to have that excitement too. Of choosing furniture, wallpapers,  paint colors and everything. But not now.

I want to spent my life living with Emak and Abah. Forever. 

I want to be their baby daughter forever. I want to be their pain-in-the ass forever. I want to be their annoyance forever.

I want to see you guys everyday. EVERYDAY.

I don't want to get away.

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