Oct 26, 2011

My Heart Is Missing A Beat

I was browsing through an old picture album when I came across this one picture that put me in a very deep thought. It was a picture of you and me. Sitting next to next. You were smiling but I am not.

You were smiling but I am not.

I was purposely not smiling because I don't have any reason to. You forced me to take a picture with you and that was it. I am not smiling.
Years passed and now, I am regretting every stupid second passed without realizing how immortal that feeling could be. The feeling of not finding the right reason to smile every time the memory of you crossed my mind.

I do miss you. There were couple of times where I think about you.

How could I forget the man who used to love me?

I know you could still feels me. Because I can feel it too.

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