Dec 22, 2012

There Will Always Be Someone Like That

There will always be someone who magically catches your attention. Someone who would make you think about them all the time if it’s not everytime. Someone who tragically causes your heart to flip and bend and then get all straight again everytime you see his/her face. Someone who will make you want to care about, be there everytime she/he wants you to. There will always be someone like that. 

 I saw him for the first time and I grew all fond towards him. Regardless of my warmth approaches and extra tenderness, he was being all cynical and bitter towards me. He kind of served me with endless rejection and seclusion. He was never tried to make any effort to reconcile so I just watched him from a distance, knowing that he is doing all fine and collected. 

He put a barrier within our line. He keeps his kindness away so it will never be touched by anyone without his approval. And he will never tire of acting that way. He kind of enjoying it as time passes. Happy to see people come and go with massive demolition of hope and emotion. And again, he will be a all alone, living in a world only he can rule. 

It’s okay for him to hurt me. It feels good. It’s true. It feels good to know how it feels like to be hurt by someone whom you cared too much. 

As if you are bleeding, and no one is there, to mend it. 

Oh this is not love. This is beyond that.

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