Dec 31, 2012

Assalamualaikum 2013. Please Be Nice And Don't Bite

Assalamualaikum. In just a couple of hour we will be welcoming the new year and so long 2012. Just like that. Puff! Be gone. In short, 2012 has taught me a lot of things. Seriously. From tears to laughter, joy and pain, ups and downs in my everyday life, and sometimes miracles did their part too, in one way and another. I find it amusing and confusing at the same time. But thank to Allah, He never let me astray. Still in the same path and direction, searching for the real me.

Oh there are so many things happened in 2012. There are handful recollections of memories and good things to be remembered. To be yearned at cherished for a lifetime. Those new faces I got to know, shining my life to its ultimate bright. Oh Allah, I shouldn't asked for more. There are few who walked into my life for purpose. Be it to hurt or to care, they are all the same. To teach me some important value in my life, which seriously I'm going to treasure it for the rest of my life. Thank you people.

For this 2013, I will hope for less and work for more. I want to be a good wife, a good mom, a good daughter, a good teacher and of course a good servant of Allah. InsyaALLAH. Allah, please guide me. Don't let me go astray. Keep me safe and sane. ><,

Happy new year to all.  Be a good person, and Allah will be good to you in return.

Now I am ready. Okay 2013. Bring it on!

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