Nov 10, 2012

The Last Day Of School . Pure Bliss Of Heaven !

Assalamualaikum . Forgive my long disappearance . Well , I don't know if my blog has any reader except for myself . So , I guess an occasional disappearance would be forgiven then . Never mind . Ah yesterday was my last day of school . I am totally hysteric . This means , endless hour of sleeping , online , Facebook-ing , Twitter-ing , SMS -ing with loved ones , gossiping with old school mates , loitering and basically doing nothing without having to fear of wasting time and such .

Oh and I have a mission to be accomplished though . A mission of what heard to be impossible . Loosing weight . Well , we will see . I am craving for chocolate these days . And sweets . And crackers . And oh so many things to mention and yeah , too lazy to get off my ass from bed to shake off some fat . I love them as mush as they do love me . We are hard to separate . Bahaha !

Works are all done . Tremendously finished I must say . Phew . And 2012 school session ends with quite a show , though . A happy one . I spill out some , later .

This is my outfit for the last day of school .

I will update more later . Till then , bubye !

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