Nov 11, 2012

Pillow Talk

Assalamualaikum , We had a great chat just now . At 1 in the morning . We were all so serious and stressed up . Not because we were fighting over stupid things like always , but it was more to a pour out session . I was actually pouring my burden to you . And you , like what you always did everytime I need you , you lend me your shoulders , your ears , your anticipation , your patience , and your two cents of thought . I love to hear your advise , your words , your cynical remarks over my stupidity , your cunning words and acts . And above all , I just love to sit and be there with you . I don't need any other excuses to be with you . I just love the feeling to be wanted and needed by you . And most of the times we were just killing time by talking nonsense and picking on each other .

You always taught me new things . And I am all noob and naive around you . You are good with words . You just know the perfect timing when to use it as your lethal ammo . As much as I hate it when you do that , I am pretty much adore it at times . You always fascinate me , although you always say that you are a walking boredom . Nope . Not for me . You are one of the most fascinating home-sapien I have ever met in my life .

I love this pillow talk session we have . It's like a ritual before we both hit the sack .

I love it , you know .

So let's do it more frequent . Until we run out of time .

><, Thank you , HB !

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