Jun 10, 2011

I Am Pretty, Aite?

Yeah. There are so many places that need something to be done with. I can no longer tame my appetite. It’s gone wild and it scares me too. My clock is ticking by stuffing my mouth full. Picture this; as soon as my eyes are open then there goes the eating regime. Unhealthy food I must say. A late night McD chicken set is something unbearable. Worst, if you icing it with strawberry sundae + oreo Mcflurry almost every night.

My husband is very cool on this. He said I’m at my best looking like this. Excuse me, a pregnant lady who isn’t pregnant at all? And you call this pretty? God, men are weird. Most of them are flaunting themselves to death if they have skinny girlfriend and super-skinny-wife-who-have-just-gave-birth without extra fats clinging on their muscles but my husband. Because his wife is ain’t like that.

I pity my husband. I know he just don’t wanna make me feel hurt. But it hurts, when deep down inside, you know that somehow, he wants to see you like before. Slim and slender. Pretty and drop dead gorgeous.

But after all, I'm thankful.

Really God, I promise!

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